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Who are we.

We are the Grindrod approach to the B.E.E Safe Lumby See the Delta Feed the bees

Things that have been identified in the disappearance of bees.

  • Lack of Bio Diversity. This is likely the largest area of influence. Quality and diverse food sources are essential for bee health. Agricultural practices are the mortal enemy of bio diversity. Both historically and modern. Bee thrive in bio divers horticultural environment. Feed the bees Have a program started for replacing the bio diversity. It is based on you planting bee friendly plants. By keeping the entire Eco system in mind we find that our available crops go up with bio diversity. We deliberately plant grain, mustard and other plants together. This give us Honey, pollen, barley, mustard, and bio mass as a crop.
  • Pesticides. This area has been long known to cause huge problems in the ecosystem. It is at the root of agriculture's denial of the 80/20. Bugs and weeds are vital to the Eco system. They look at the easy but unsustainable way of keeping to the new buzz word of bee keeping. Economic threshold.
  • GMO Plants. This is developing into a real carnivorous dinosaur. The problems and devastation of the echo system including human health are now just being released and people taking notice. The
  • Adding heavy duty chems to the hives. This allopathic approach has worse effects in bees. than humans. Bees are dependent on the fora and fauna in the gut of the bee. it's these organisms are directly effected by GMO, chems returned from the field and those added to the hive.

The roots of Agricultural based systems stem form a need to centralize control of the food system to a few. It removes choice from the people that are dependent on the system. It reduces the health of all organisms that are involved int the system. From the soil to the end consumer man. The health cost of this system to the planet is enormous. The profits for the chemical industry is astronomical. This system profits from oil, chemicals, drugs, seed etc. All at the expense of our health and our planet.


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