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Birthday Ski outdoor adventure

Each year I go on a birthday ski with my friends and family that our out door adventurers. The usual, as it is my personal adventure style is to back country ski. This season it may have to change due weather and people interested in this adventure.

The weather and a site we have selected will lend themselves to a combination adventure. The new area we just found just past 11k on Bluenose road is great for easy access by both skis and snowshoe. There is a great parking area by a grand rock on the side of the road. The road/trail in is not over damaged by snow machines so it is a great adventure into the woods. In fact most of the area has only our ski tracks and snowshoe trails.

We will leave early in the morning. Maybe even take some meed or scotch to toast the place and all that attend. Having a fire is definitely an option if the group wants it.

Please join us. Call text or FB message for directions and more details.

See you tomorrow

Come back here regularly to see updates on the adventure.

Last Update March 16 2016

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