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Hello! Welcome to BeeMaster BeeKeeping application Feed The Bees!

Feeding our bees and other pollinators.

See our Database of Bee Forage.

The question of sustainability is a large one. Of the many things entailed in a community. Here is a short list of what we are exploring. Feeding bees is of primary importance. Biodiversity depends on a healthy bee population. Healthy bee populations depend on Quality Biodiversity.

Your bees will need food to eat. All with in an 3k radius of your hive. The more abundant diverse the environment the healthier your bees will be.

  • Sustainable farming depends Biodiversity which depends on a healthy bee population. Healthy bee populations depend on Quality Biodiversity.
  • Planting food, flowers and tree with bees in mind create the biodiversity that we and our bees depend on .
  • The quality of that biodiversity depend on the health of the soil. Toxic chemicals such as Round up blocks the absorption of nutrients into the plant and kill soil organisms that make nutrients available to the plants.
  • Planting guides as to what plants and there needs are provided here. Workshops will also be available for Planing the spring season

This season we doing the fallowing.

  • Add a hive and pasture monitoring system. See Hive monitoring for details
  • Encourage bee friendly harvest in spraying practices
  • Establish seed production of desired species. Every yard will have a different list.
  • Planing next seasons planting.
  • Reforestation

Herbs by botanical name

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